New Mukbang Category

I’ve decided to add fire noodle mukbangs as a new category

New Mukbang Categories

Today I added Italian and IHOP to the list of mukbang video catagories

Hungry Fatchick Mukbang

Today I added Hungry Fatchick doing a Panda Express mukbang

Chelcie Lynn Mukbang

If you arer looking for a few laughs, then watch Chelcie Lynn’s Taco Bell mukbang video

Foodie Beauty Mukbang

Came across Foodie Beauty eating Popeyes voodoo tenders and fries. You can hear here crunching into the fries and chicken tenders. Made me hungry for some Popeyes. Be sure to check out her channel

New Mukbang Categories

Today I added 2 new catagories. Spaghetti and kimchi mukbangs. I will be adding more specific catagories as time goes on.